Moody has qualities for county judge role

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Published in The Democratic Gazette, April 26, 2022

“Josh Moody exemplifies honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness. I most admire Josh for his selfless volunteer work and passion to bring people together to discuss issues openly and appropriately. It is without reservation that I believe Josh would be fully committed to accountability in government while promoting an atmosphere of open, engaging and productive discussions in the critical issues the County encounters while practicing the set rules of order.

I have had the opportunity to know and observe Josh in his various roles that include, son, Father, husband, teacher, sustainer of the environment and humanitarian. He is committed to each of these roles which I believe would extend to the leadership role.

Although Josh and I may not have the same views on particular subjects, he has always shown me respect and listens intently to my thoughts and convictions as I have seen him practice with other people. Agreeing to disagree while finding common ground is an example of his passion which affirms to me Josh would do so in situations pertaining to County operations. Allowing people to be heard, whether it is a County employee or County citizen is high on Josh’s agenda.

If you believe in what Josh Moody stands for, please give him your support in the upcoming Washington County Judge election." - Jean E. Mack


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