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Published in The Democratic Gazette, April 30, 2022

I am a Black woman and I live on farmland in near-rural Washington County. At one time, nearly all the county’s farmland was cultivated and nurtured by African Americans in Summers, Lincoln, Cane Hill, Morrow, Strickler, Winslow, Brentwood, West Fork, Prairie Grove, Greenland, Durham, Elkins, Harris, Goshen, Spring Valley, Shady Grove, Tontitown, Elm Springs and Spring-dale. We care about all the county roads being safe for our children to cross and for us to drive on without worry. We want infrastructure upkeep and advancement throughout the county, in both rural and urban areas, free of the old-style politics.

Josh Moody wants to help families and small businesses in both urban and rural areas of Washington County. Struggling families live in the countryside and in the center of towns. As you know, poverty, incarceration, drug abuse, mental health care, county roads, infrastructure and more are issues that the county judge must be able to manage without favoritism toward urban or rural residents.

These issues require thoughtfulness, critical thinking, a broad spectrum of experience across cultures and a focus on service to alleviate problems and build positive outcomes for the whole county. Josh Moody has these attributes and as a county resident, I want to see Josh Moody become the Washington County judge.

I can operate a big tractor and farm equipment; Josh can do this, too. If he has to learn how to operate a road grader, I’m sure he can learn that as well. I hope we all understand that operating a dump truck and filling potholes with asphalt is not really the critical skills set that we need in our county judge.

I feel assured that he and his staff will have equitable consideration for me as he will also have for my neighbors who also use the roads, whether they are hauling hay to their cattle or driving to the city for their jobs. Our quality of life in the Natural State begins at home and Washington County needs Josh Moody to change the mood from what we have had in our local government to one that improves services for all the people in the county.

It’s time to change the mood from extremism to one of civility, away from culture wars to focus on our basic infrastructure needs, emphasis on respect, and governing for the betterment of all the people. Josh Moody has been preparing to be a competent and fair leader all his life. The people of the county all deserve this opportunity. It’s time to change the mood." - Sharon Killian, Philanthropist & Rural Washington County Resident


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